AI Robot Paints Her Majesty The Queen To Celebrate Platinum Jubilee.


Queen Platinum Jubilee is just right around the corner. Many British citizens are letting out their creative side to congratulate the Queen on her 70 years on the throne.


The painting was titled ‘Algorithm Queen.’ It was painted by a humanoid robot called ‘Ai – Da Robot’ – an artificial robot that was built back in 2019.


The humanoid robot has a very complex algorithm to create these outstanding portraits. It uses cameras in its eyes and the memory in the computer before deploying the algorithm in its system to make drawings, paintings, and sculptures.


She’s credited with being the first-ever realistic-looking robot. Her name was inspired by the 18th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace.


The humanoid robot also had a few words to say about the Queen. During the unveiling of the painting, she thanked her majesty for “her dedication and service she gives to so many people.”


“She is an outstanding and courageous woman,” she said, “Who is utterly committed to public service.”


She was devised by Aiden Meller, a contemporary artist in Oxford. The idea then moved to Cornwall, where Engineers and Programmers came together to build the first ultra-realistic humanoid.


Aiden Meller also had a few words to say about the Queen and her accomplishment, saying, “The Queen has been a stable and strong leader in a period of extraordinary change and development in history. Algorithm Queen by Ai-Da Robot gives us a marker of how far things have come in her life and a great way to acknowledge her faithful service.”


The astonishing painting will be available for everyone to see later this year, with the artwork being exhibited in London.

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