After Life Season 3: The Perfect Way to End The Final Series

After Life Season 3

Ricky Gervais has gone out of his way to produce a third season for the first time since his previous series only have two seasons. The third and final season of After Life came out last week on Netflix with its usual six episodes.

Tony has been brutal to many individuals around him in his grief for the previous two seasons, appearing careless about the ramifications of his actions and words. The show follows him as he struggles with his feelings and discovers rays of hope in his own life. The third season concludes the narrative of Tony (Gervais), a despondent, suicidal widow who fell into depression after the loss of his wife Lisa (Kerry Godliman) to cancer. But he’s gradually recognizing that he might be able to channel his rage at the world into something that both fulfils him and makes the world a gentler place.

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Tidying up the ending neatly, and with a beautiful bow

There are no major events throughout the series and the ending is very calm and comforting. Things do not magically fall into place. Not that you’d expect anything less from a show with such modesty. Tony regaining his humanity is a continuing process, as it was in the first two seasons. Furthermore, in an interview with, Gervais revealed that the real essence behind After Life’s ending is not dark like previous episodes, it instead conveys a message of optimism.

“The fair is important because it’s been going on for 500 years,” he remarked of the last minutes of the finale. “It’s a spot where different people have been going for 500 years.  Finally, the conclusion states that we all die, but not today. And so it goes. That’s the way it ends. I think it’s a good ending, a hopeful ending, and a realistic ending,” says Gervais. And it’s simply saying, that’s all there is to it. What’s next? Because the entire show revolves around beginnings and endings. It’s all about putting people together at random.

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