After fighting during the previous weekend, Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad maintained a ceasefire through the night

According to different claims from the Israeli government and Islamic Jihad, the strike started around 9:30 p.m. BST (11:30 p.m. local time).

Egypt received praise from Israel for its “efforts” in mediating the cease-fire.

The State of Israel retains the right to take decisive action if the truce is broken, it continued.

“We will not tolerate any interference with the life of State of Israel citizens.”

“If the occupation does not adhere by what was agreed upon,” stated Ziyad al-Nakhala, secretary general of Islamic Jihad, “we would consider the agreement worthless and we will begin the round of battle without hesitation.”

According to Islamic Jihad, Bassam al-Saadi, one of its commanders, will be released as part of the ceasefire. Israeli authorities did not respond right away.

The Gaza border has not seen such a significant flare-up in over a year.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Sunday night that 44 Palestinians had been slain, including 15 children and four women.

The government noted that there had been injuries to around 350 persons.

Israeli military bombarded Palestinian locations all weekend long, starting on Friday.

They referred to their actions as “pre-emptive strikes” since they were intended to stop an impending attack by the Islamic Jihad that was planned to revenge Mr. al-detention Saadi’s in the occupied West Bank.

In retaliation, Islamic Jihad launched a large number of rockets towards Israel, posing a danger to most of the south of the nation.

People entered shelters from Tel Aviv and Ashkelon, among other cities.

Khaled Mansour, the organization’s main representative for the southern Gaza Strip, was the second senior Islamic Jihad leader to be assassinated, it was revealed previously.

According to the organization, an attack in the southern city of Rafah also resulted in the deaths of two other terrorists and five civilians, including a toddler and three women.

Islamic Jihad increased its firing range on Sunday in what it said was vengeance for the murder of Khaled Mansour.

According to Israel, its Iron Dome interceptor shot down the missiles just west of the city.

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