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Adult Trainee: Korean Version Of Sex Education


Not wanting to lose to western countries, South Korea launched a new drama that is predicted to be the Korean version of sex education. On November 12, 2021, there will be a new web drama titled Adult Trainee. This web drama carries a new and different theme that focuses on sex education. This web series is directed by Jeong Hyeong Geon and Yoo Hak Chan.


This web drama stars young Korean actors and actresses such as Ryu Eui Hyun, Cho Mi Yeon, and Jo Yoo Jung. Ryu Eui Hyun previously starred in a drama called River Where the Moon Rises (2021). Cho Mi Yeon herself previously successfully appeared in the drama Replay: The Moment When It Starts Again (2021) while Jo Yoo Jung was successful in the drama Record of Youth in 2020.




Jae Min (Ryu Eui Hyun) finds his body starting to undergo significant changes. He then finds out about the hormones that are attacking his body and is brought up on the issue of sex.


Then there is Yu Ra (Cho Mi Yeon) who just left her boyfriend even though she loves him. But instead, she is met with an attractive man who will take her to a whole new situation.


Meanwhile, Na Eun is a teenage girl who has no experience in love relationships. She just wants to overcome her shortcomings and make her body much more charming than it is now.


The Dark Side Of Promiscuity


This web drama aims to express concerns about the love story of 18-year-old teenagers. Generally will be surrounded by satisfaction, feelings, freedom, and sexual desire that can not be suppressed as a teenager. At first, it was just fun but it had a big impact.


This web series will be expected to educate the dark side of teenagers who are in love with their love and sex hormones that are bubbling up about things they shouldn’t be doing.


For fans of the Korean girl group G-Idle, this web drama is a must-watch because of Mi Yeon’s debut as an actress. Enjoy watching.

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