Adaptation and Its Rigid Obstructive World of Objectivity

Many products that caught my attention nowadays would any be so different than we already see so many times before. Either we are stuck on a creativity loop, or we just haven’t gain any sort of sense of renewal. Like take an example of the Live-action adaptation that more or the same met the same demise. By having the same formulaic density that follows the rest, and we can’t do a single thing about it.

“Fall into a vat of redundancy” the story of many failed subjectivity input that stray the core beliefs of one’s character, & storyline. Shifting into a yet expected song of the same bird that spelled failure in creation.
Bleach (2018) - IMDb
Bleach. 2018. (Image credit: IMDB)

The freedom of expression is sometimes at lost with what the creator intends, and with what the consumer wants. Take a really short example with the latest The Witcher 2nd season, Bleach live-action, Tokyo Ghoul’s live-action’s adaptation, and many more to be discussed.

The products that solely created for entertainment, sometimes can be so much more from a lot of different perspectives. For some maybe it can spark courage anew, others may grin with excitement. Teary eyed, anger born from relating the character’s emotions. All the roller coaster ride seems futile when we can’t easily connecting the dots, or even sucked inside the story itself.

Like many pop-culture products, the consumer like us never have the slightest chance of actually involve within the world-building itself. Within that notion or argument maybe we can put many exception too; like Sonic The Hedgehog having a weird eye design and sets up enraged fans throughout the net.

it’s only a once or twice in a lifetime thing that is. Only for it to ended up as a mediocre story at best. But that’s just the thing. The originality in a sense of adapting an already  popularize content, most of the time a 50-50 failure/success…at best. By bringing the personalized input on the subject matter at hand; definitely opening up a new possibilities of a bigger universe than already is. But sometimes, that input will only derailed into a rabbit hole that we’re most likely to avoid at all cost.

The fans vs the creator, an unintentional artistic differences.

Many undeserving adaptation are usually from one of the best stories out there. And usually, the importance of the underlined factors from the story just gets brushed so easily like that. For the most part, the messed up thing is that all of the story component sometimes still there, and for the other part maybe got changed or the writing team decide to just do whatever. Just like the many film that we have so far being almost like a spoof of the real ones.
Terra Formars. 2016. (image credit: rottentomatoes)

Stunningly grotesque that the horrendous Attack on Titan Live-action’s adaptation really is. Derailing the main story of the manga entirely and turn spoiler alert Shikishima (original movie only character) into his very own version of film’s Titan. Sounds Bad? how about 2009’s Dragon Ball Evolution. Or better yet, 2010’s The Last Airbender movie; or the legendary 2016’s Netflix’s Death Note. Terra Formars maybe could be on the list too, but we are all

See all the things that i named so far was the least had a really bad rep, internationally. And a string of miscalculations that usually happened went into the story so far are never a happy accident, it’s just a bad accident. We as a fans just sometimes hoping that the director to was also part of the fandom. And coming from that viewpoint as well, the expectation is gonna comes crashing like the zeppelin.

Centering around hope that it could be better.
Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter Part I - The Final (2021) - IMDb
Rurouni Kenshin: The Final. 2021. (Image credit: IMDB)

Like many things for the rest of our life, comes with a certain things called duality. And in every duality of things, live-action’s also has its good ones. Rurouni Kenshin is one of the main reason why i said the previous matter is much more than just a bad outcomes. Alice in Borderland is one of the Netflix’s best series that came out in 2020, it even sets up Japan and Netflix cooperation.

And to top it all of, my favorite film that i didn’t even knew came from the manga form, Oldboy. Even though it’s not Japan based movie but instead a South Korean one; Park Chan-wook, and Choi Min-sik delivers one of the best cinematic experience of the early 2000s.

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