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“Aamon”, A New Assasin Hero In The Mobile Legends : Bang Bang


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has released a new hero on the original server, that is “Aamon”. Aamon is a hero who is included in the assassin category and the 109th hero released by mobile legends after Aulus. Aamon’s appearance and skills are very similar to Gusion’s because, in the Mobile Legends story, Aamon is Gusion’s older brother.


Image from Official Instagram Mobile Legends

Aamon has 1 passive skill and 3 active skills including the ultimate skill, let’s review all the skills.


  • Invisible Armor – Pasif Skill (Conceal, Buff)

when Aamon hits an opponent with his skill, he will enter camouflage mode, where he cannot be attacked and Aamon will recover some of his lost HP every 0.6 seconds and gain 60% movement speed for 4 seconds. After camouflage mode ends, Aamon’s basic attacks will be strengthened for a few seconds and each strengthened basic attack will reduce the cooldown of other Aamon skills.


  • Soul Shards – Active Skill 1 (Damage, Buff)

Pasif: Aamon charges his armor every time he hits an opponent with a skill or strengthened basic attack. When 5 chargers are collected, Aamon will throw the shards and deal damage to the targeted opponent, then the shards will be scattered around the target.


Active: Aamon throws shards at nearby enemies and deals damage.


  • Slayer Shards – Active Skill 2 (Conceal, Damage)

Aamon throws the shard forward and deals damage to the first non-minion opponent that is hit and takes a slow effect, then the shard will return to the Aamon. If the shard fails to hit the opponent, then the shard will return to Aamon and make Aamon enter camouflage mode.


  •  Endless Shards – Ultimate Skill (Burst Damage)

Aamon throws 8 – 25 shards at the targeted opponent and slows them down. The number of shards thrown increases based on the charge of Aamon’s armor as well as the number of shards scattered on the ground. Damage will increase if the opponent’s HP gets lower.


Aamon’s skill really depends on the number of shards he has. The best way so that Aamon can give high damage to the opponent is to use skill 2 to approach the opponent then skill 1 to collect shards while reducing opponent’s HP and finally use his ultimate skill to finish off the enemy. It’s better if you use the attack speed item so that skill 1 and Aamon’s passive skill can be optimized.

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