A Will Eternal: Novel Review

Considering many interesting novels that have already been completed, I specifically chose “A Will Eternal” to recommend to you! Because this one is the funniest novel I’ve ever read in my life. So, I believe that you all would like it! Here we go!

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Martial arts, Survival


This is a story of a male lead named Bai Xaiochun. At the very beginning, he was just a normal boy who’s afraid of everything, especially something that can threaten his life. So, he tried his best to pursue any possible way to become immortal. Just like the novel’s name, A Will Eternal is Bai Xiaochun’s will to avoid his fear of death. “He” who had no parents nor any relatives soon decided to become a part of a celestial sect called “Spirit Stream”. Then, he found out a way to live an immoral life which is called cultivation. The real story started from that point on. 


Personally, this is my first time reading a martial arts novel that has this many chapters. For your information, it has at least seven arcs and more than 1300+ chapters. However, unlike what I had imagined, this story contains many deep and thorough details but it’s not boring at all. The author always insinuates his jokes through the male lead’s actions and that’s what makes the novel become really funny! Moreover, even the novel itself has so many details but the author repeatedly mentions them, so every reader doesn’t have to try hard to remember them at all. 

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