A Waterslide Between the Sharks: Aquaventure Atlantis


Are you daring enough to waterslide in shark-infested waters?


The Aquaventure Atlantis is a water park that offers many different experiences for all visitors including slides for children such as a tube slide and a slide with tunnels. However, our main interest is sliding between the sharks!


Leap of Faith: Aquaventure Atlantis


“Leap of Faith” is where visitors get to experience the thrill of a 27.5-meter near-vertical drop into a shark tunnel submerged within an aquarium at the speed of 65 miles per hour. This is the only place in the world where you can leap into a shark tunnel and land inside a 6-meter-deep tank. With such a big drop and the sensation of free-fall, this astonishing attraction unites the thrill of skydiving with an opportunity to dive with sharks.


You get two free rides on this slide before the sharks start to fight over you (Just kidding)!


Before you freak out, the tunnel is completely shut, so there is no way of getting into contact with the shark itself. With that said, a shark or two may pop their face onto the tunnel glass and say hello!


This waterslide was designed, built, and maintained to the highest safety standards. It is a truly exhilarating experience that you must try in Dubai this summer!


Leap of Faith takes visitors to new heights, literally. However, are you daring enough to slide between the sharks?

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