A Routine for Your Best Lips Ever

How often do you do your lip care routine? Your lips, even though it feels good right now, it still has to be maintained. Lips are sometimes prone to some problems such as chapped, dry, and dark lips caused by sun exposure, dirt, and lip cosmetic products. Therefore, you should have to take care of the lips properly. Here’s everything you need for beautiful lips that look and feel their healthiest.

1. Scrub

The first routine you do is Scrub. Scrub works to smooth the lips and exfoliate the lips. Exfoliating lips has the benefit of removing rough lip skin cells and replacing them with smoother skin cells. Apply two or three times a week and enjoy the subtle temporary plumping effect.

2. Lip Serum

The liquid serum texture can absorb and act more effectively in hydrating and nourishing the lips and the surrounding area. Apply serum to the outer lip line. Use in the morning and evening before applying lip balm.

3. Lip Balm

Lip balms are made to lock in and maximize the content of lip serum that works on the lips. It also has its anti-aging benefits. So you have to choose a lip balm product that contains SPF to block UV exposure during the day and moisturize the skin of the lips at night.

4. Lip Mask

The last one is a lip mask. A lip mask serves to restore the moisture of your dry lips due to lip cosmetic products and lack of drinking water. If you regularly apply a lip mask to your lips, you will get soft, healthy, and supple lips.

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