Sunday, August 14, 2022

A One-Page Promotion Plan for Products and Services

The goal is to actively recruit new prospects to your business without being overwhelmed with social media, emails, and other methods of interacting with customers, recruiters, and business professionals.

Daily activities

Maintain a regular social media presence without getting side-tracked or overwhelmed; post 1 to 3 helpful items, respond to questions, and touch base with anyone who needs help. Monitor one or two key metrics no more, such as Google Analytics and YouTube analytics.

When posting on Facebook, do six posts daily, three in the morning and three at night.

Do two product posts, and the remaining four posts, all revolving around your activities and personal development.

You do this to avoid your social media being clogged down with business posts.

Facebook wants to encourage businesses to use its services, but they are primarily a social networking platform.


If you receive assistance or joint promotions from colleagues, make sure you are helpful to them and maintain regular communication with prospects and customers. Sell without selling. Follow Inbound Marketing strategies.

At least monthly

Connect with existing customers to make sure they are happy to ask if there’s anything else you could do to improve the services they receive. Prepare for upcoming events, content, or product launches.

Once in awhile

Perform your business audit to find missing opportunities that can be turned into active projects, and ensure that you are regularly working towards building something significant, not just reacting to things as they appear.

Jonathan Stephen Harry Riley
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