A Man Named Scott, Documentary of Kid Cudi

Scott Mescudi’s Sacrificial Act

Scott Mescudi, or famously known as ‘Kid Cudi’, teaming up with Amazon’s Prime, to release his 10+ years in the industry a documentary. The long and arduous journey of Kid Cudi from breaking out to the industry, until today. Set to be released on November 5th exclusively on Amazon’s Prime.

From the uncertainty of the late 2000s euphoria to the coming of age of Millenials at that time, the soundtrack that came from that album is phenomenal. No one dares touch Kid Cudi’s influence back in the day without a slight of being a copycat. Industry in 2008-2010 is in dire need of fresh sounds.

And by then, with the breakout artist such as MGMT, & Tame Impala that is more on the indie sides. The mainstream mould of hip-hop and the new form of R&B based beats with the usage of autotune was pioneered by Kid Cudi himself. And that influence still lives on and keep being experimented until today. Even the lyrical influences and the whole vibes & aesthetics too.

With the release of this documentary, the hope is that Kid Cudi’s sacrificial act of his story being told is affecting the world for the better. And this documentary is cementing his position as one of the greatest that ever do it.


You can listen to his song, here!



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