A look back at Weezer’s “Blue Album”

This album was released in 1994, 2 years after the band was formed. The reason why this album is best known as “Blue Album” is that the background color of the album cover art is blue.

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The band’s self-titled debut studio album is amazingly outstanding and colorful.

The reason why I choose the word “colorful” to describe this album is because of the mood variations of the songs in the album. From sad to extremely joyful. For example, the song “Undone – The Sweater Song” is a sad song that portrays someone who struggles to socialize I suppose.

I compare that song with “Surf Wax America” which is a happy song, the lyrics portray someone who goes surfing instead of going to work.

The final track of the album, “Only in Dreams” is a sad song about a guy who dreams about his crush that only exists in his dreams. This song gives the clue about the next album, “Pinkerton” which sounds emo-ish.

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Microsoft was indirectly taking part in boosting the album sales by including Weezer’s music video “Buddy Holly” in Windows 95 installation CD which reportedly skyrocketed the song popularity afterward. “Buddy Holly” is the most played in the Weezer concert according to setlist.fm .

Overall, I personally like almost all songs on the album because I like the song with an energetic vibe . This album perfectly portrays how’s youth life, such as leaving the nest, falling in love, struggling to socialize, and breakup. I rate this album 9/10.

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