Friday, January 28, 2022

A German State Bids Farewell To Microsoft Windows

Schleswig-Holstein, a German state planned to switch to open-source software in its schools and administration sector. Schleswig-Holstein is the first German state that wants to completely replace proprietary software with open-source software. This plan is initiated by Jan Albrecht, Digital Minister of Schleswig-Holstein.

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The reasons behind the switchover are because of the rise of license fees, and to obtain the advantages offered by open-source software, such as flexibility, and independence over data. Jan Albrecht stated on the interview with heise.
The minister is not in a rush to make a big statewide plan comes to reality. He specified the plan. By the end of 2026, Microsoft Office will be replaced with Libre Office later Windows with Linux on the computers of 25.000 civil servants, including teachers. 
The transition would be challenging since many individuals are still heavily reliant on proprietary software and open-source software has limited features.

Source: heise online

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