A Food List for Your Clean Eating Diet

What to eat on a clean-eating diet? Check the food list!

A Food List for Your Clean Eating Diet
Clean eating food list. (source: foodspring)

We believe that every single food we eat is absolutely clean. Then, what does clean-eating mean? Clean-eating means real food without any addition like seasoning. The foods you eat are supposed to be fresh (not instant or canned), full of protein, and sugar-free. 

Not so different from the keto diet, both the keto diet and clean-eating diet have their own difficulties. You need to know how your food is made. You also have to make sure that the contents are required for clean-eating. Clean-eating diet is as well as the keto diet, they both have health benefits and lose some weight. Especially for a clean-eating diet, you have to prepare your own food, not store-bought.

The difference between these diets may be the focus of nutrients. The keto diet is supposed to make you consume fewer fats and carbs. Meanwhile, a clean-eating diet makes you eat real or plain food of high protein. There are certain foods you need to eat in a clean-eating diet.

Here is the food list for your clean-eating diet
  • Fresh vegetables: eat more leafy green vegetables. Frozen vegetables are okay too.
  • Fruits : make sure to always eat fresh fruits. Frozen fruits are okay too, but not so well with canned fruit. If you find canned fruits, make sure it does not contain sweet syrup.
  • Whole grains : great options are oats, whole-wheat, barley, and quinoa.
  • Nuts : better choose plain, raw, roasted, or salted nuts and skip seasoned nuts as they contain sugar.
  • Healthy fats : you can get healthy fats from salmon, avocado, and olive oil.
  • Legumes : fiber and protein is a must, you can have it from beans and lentils.
  • Lean proteins : you can get lean proteins from chicken, turkey, fish, Greek yogurt, and Legumes.

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