A Eulogy For The iPod


Apple recently announced the discontinuation of the popular iPod two decades after the first was released in 2001. It comes as somewhat of a surprise, yet seems inevitable considering the multitude of tasks ordinary mobile phones can do – after all, why buy a separate device for listening to music when you can do it just as well on your phone?


The advent of streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music has also contributed to the iPod’s demise, thanks to their easy accessibility on most devices. iTunes (the original Apple Music) was discontinued in 2019 and split into three different apps. These streaming services allow unlimited downloads of songs for a monthly subscription fee and are much more cost-effective than iTunes’s method of paying per song or album.


The original iPod was a far cry from the most recently issued iPod Touch 7. It had 5GB of storage and could store up to 1000 songs at once, which were accessed through a scrolling ball mechanism and labeled buttons. In contrast, the iPod Touch 7 can have up to 256GB of storage, six different color options, multiple functions including a camera and an app store, and the option to engrave a message onto it.


There have been just under 50 variations of the iPod in its lifetime, from the Mini to the Nano to the Touch. Each year from 2001 to 2015 had at least one upgrade or new addition to the iPod family before there was a hiatus in new creations/upgrades for 4 years. 2019’s iPod Touch 7 will be the last of its kind, cast out by the technological world, but it definitely won’t be forgotten.

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