A Call from the North

When it comes to food in the world, no one should be deprived, and for many people in Canada, it is quite the hassle to come by for them and their respective families.


After doing a study between cities within Canada, from the City of Toronto which is by far in its opinion quite the most expensive city to live in, and while the opinion maintains status in its own right, there are far more important matters that are taking shape.


Doing some research, it came to light that Canada’s North where mostly the Indigenous reside.


Inuit in particular have been facing price hikes in food pricing as bad as the gas prices Canada is facing today for quite some time, even though most to some can afford these prices at a modest level, while some struggle.


Prices in general are not fair to the average person. Why,  because of the transportation costs, more frequent maintenance costs, and electricity levels that are not affordable compared to the major cities down south in Canada.



The government had introduced a Nutrition Tax Fund on certain items in the grocery market for the Inuit in hard stricken markets, but there are not enough items to cover the costs, certain availability of items, and most importantly not enough sponsors to take charge for our founders of the great North.



After comparing two grocery bills on a segment observed by one, one from the city came out to One Hundred and Nine Dollars, while the one from a region in the North in the North West Territories came out to Two Hundred Thirty Four Dollars, which is a hefty total in one’s opinion on this matter.

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