A Brief Explanation About Bluetooth 5 | How Good Is It?

Bluetooth 5 is the latest major version of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard. Bluetooth 5 is commonly used in modern smartphones and other devices that rely on wireless connections, such as wireless mice, keyboards, headphones, and much more.

Image source: windowsreport.com

Bluetooth 5 was introduced back in 2016 and has become the standard for flagship devices. Of course, newer versions mean improved versions. Bluetooth 5 brings some improvisations, such as dual audio, lesser power usage, faster connection, and increased range of coverage.

Here are some brief explanations of the improvements:

Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE)


Bluetooth Low Energy technology was introduced in Bluetooth 4.2. Before the technology was introduced, Bluetooth uses more power, resulting in faster battery drains.

Dual Audio


Bluetooth 5 lets users connect to two audio devices at the same time. It means you can use two Bluetooth speakers on one phone. Thus, it enables the Bluetooth stereo speakers to pair in stereo.

Faster transfer speeds and an increased range of coverage


The transfer speed is increased to up to 2 Mb/s (250 KB/s) which is twice faster than Bluetooth 4.2 and can communicate over distances of up to 240 meters (800 feet).

Although Bluetooth 5 was released 5 years ago, Bluetooth 5 is still being developed. Bluetooth 5.1 was released in January 2019, at the end of the same year, Bluetooth 5.2 was released in December 2019, and Bluetooth 5.3, was released in July 2021.

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