9 SEVENTEEN Songs You MUST Listen To

Not a SEVENTEEN fan but want to be? Lost as to which song you listen to first? We got you!

Here are the 9 songs that you *MUST* listen to if you are just getting into SEVENTEEN. And don’t worry! If you don’t vibe with one, you might vibe with the next one. SEVENTEEN has had a range of genres and styles over the years and they have everything for everyone. 


Starting safe and in recent times, Rock With You was Seventeen’s last Korean comeback. This song has new wave/pop-punk influences that will take you back. If you loved Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Panic! at the Disco, MCR… this and the rest of the ‘Attacca’ album is for you. SEVENTEEN really hit it with this one. 


What a classic! From the performance, the song, the choreography… Everyone who is in K-POP or knows K-POP probably knows this. It’s such a fun, dance-y song that just always hits whenever you want a mood booster. Plus, this performance shows how amazing performers SEVENTEEN are.


Many fans said that SEVENTEEN is the theatre kids of K-POP and those fans were not wrong. This song has retro-oldie vibes and the performances they have put out are crazy! HOME;RUN deserves to have a spotlight because every HOME;RUN stage SEVENTEEN has done is wickedly good. 


There are K-POP title tracks. And then there are title tracks. CLAP by SEVENTEEN is one of the italicized title tracks that needs to get hyped up. It is just too good––from the song, its arrangement, the performance, the choreography. SEVENTEEN definitely delivered with this one. 

5. Left & Right

Admittedly, Left & Right was a new sound for SEVENTEEN. It has been said to have the sound of hip-hop from the 2000s. It’s a fun and catchy tune that makes you want to dance! Maybe some people won’t like it at first but if you listen to it more and more, it will age like fine wine. Especially when you watch their live performances with different arrangements. It will be an awesome trip, for sure.


SEVENTEEN having three leaders (now four with BooSeokSoon’s leader, DK) is not unfamiliar. But this song is absolutely stunning in every way. The music video has a cute, minimal aesthetic but this performance is just very cool. The way the leaders stood with their respective units at the end? Mind-blowing. Spectacular! Everything about the leaders and this song? Gorgeous. Should they come back as leaders again? Absolutely.

7. Oh My!

SEVENTEEN’s creativity never fails us. This, with its friends from the YOU MAKE MY DAY mini album, is the perfect summer vibes. The choreography is one of the most creative things that ever came out of K-POP. The song itself has a mix of synth-funk and acapella, which is very unexpected but very good nonetheless.

8. I Wish

Stand up for one of the best SEVENTEEN B-Sides. This song is a mix of the city pop genre with hints of jazz and blues. It has a lowkey and chill vibe. It is an absolute masterpiece of a track. All of the songs from HENG;GARAE are all masterpieces but I Wish is such a special track. If you liked this one, consider: Chocolate and Same dream, same mind, same night

9. Smile Flower

Smile Flower is one of the saddest tracks. SEVENTEEN seems to be talking to their fans here, as the lyrics go: Just like the sky is high and the wind is cold / Like the ocean is wide and blue / I’m afraid that / I’ll take you for granted  I think that’s why I’m being like this / I’m nervous about that / What if I lose you? / I hope you don’t feel the same

There we have it! SEVENTEEN’s tracks you need to listen to! 

Here is another extra of SEVENTEEN singing a medley of their hit songs:

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