8 IU Songs You *MUST* Listen To

IU has set the bar very high for any entertainer in South Korea. 

She is, quite literally, the pinnacle of South Korean entertainment. There is not one person in the country that does not know her name. Everything she does is guaranteed a huge success—whether it’s a midnight single release to K-dramas she acts in.

This is all for a good reason!

IU is such an amazing artist. She is a great singer and songwriter. Some might say that she is no different to Taylor Swift in terms of artistry and originality.

If you are curious about IU and want to listen to her songs but don’t know where to start, we got you! Here are 8 IU songs you have to listen to to get started!


BBIBBI is a classic ‘haters, back off!’ song. It resembles a warming when someone has crossed the line. Despite it being cheerful and has a fun choreography, the lyrics are very shady towards her haters. It’s a great, catchy song that never fails to make you sing along.

Ending Scene

IU is known for her tear-jerker ballads. This one in particular is very haunting and sad as the lyrics go: “Eat well properly, it’ll all pass anyways / You’ll sleep like you used to / I truly wish you / You have the right to become more happy / Please don’t say those kinds of words again / You know that those words will hurt / I hope surely you meet / the person who will love you more than yourself / I’m sorry it wasn’t me”


Coin is a playful and funky R&B song. It has the message of gambling in life, making decisions and choices are important. And you could win or lose in the end.


This song is another slow one but will leave a great impact in your heart. The lyrics are about someone who can’t sleep at night due to the desire for familiarity and comfort. IU revealed writing this when she couldn’t sleep because she always felt sad and angry.


The song is more upbeat and has a feel-good melody. One of her best that doesn’t need explaining!

Autumn Morning

Autumn Morning has a grip on variety shows as they always play this song when the scenery is early in the morning. The melody is very nostalgic and the overall song is acapella, only IU’s voice and a guitar.

Every End of The Day

This song is also colorful, upbeat and has great instrumentals!


Eight is one of her best releases and there does not need to be another explanation as to why that is. It just is!

So there it was! Although there are a lot of other songs that greatly show off her vocal range like ‘Good Day’ and ‘My Sea’.

IU has had a range of genres throughout her discography as well! IU’s songs are available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Music.

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