7 Useful Gifts For Graduates

As I said in the other article I wrote today, a lot of people are going to be graduating soon. As a mature student, I have been through the graduation/moving out cycle several times; I thought I would offer some insight on what useful gifts people could get for the new graduates in their life.


A Tool Set

There are equally useful toolkits of many different sizes. Oftentimes, new graduates who have just moved out won’t realize they are missing a tool until they’re in a situation where they need one; that’s why a set should contain many different tools. A good set will have tools like a cordless drill, pliers, a screwdriver, and a utility knife.


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Pilot Headset "Isolated on white, diffuse shadows. The plugs are included in the image. This is actually a child headset for general aviation planes." Noise Stock Photo

Whether a graduate is going to be living on their own or with roommates, there will always be situations where they need to cut out the noise and focus on what they are doing. Good headphones will cut out excess noise and bring clarity to anything they might be listening to, allowing them to direct and maintain their focus.


An Electric Kettle

Electric kettle I tis a picture of an electric kettle with the power light on. Kettle Stock Photo

Maybe your graduate likes a soothing cup of tea after a long day, or maybe they desperately need their morning coffee; getting them an electric kettle can help with those. It can also help save time and electricity and is safer than traditional stovetop kettles.


An E-Reader

E-book reader E-book reader, stack of books E-Reader Stock Photo

A new graduate moving away from home may not have a lot of room where they are living, which may mean that they will not have room for things like books. Why not get them an e-reader? This would allow them to save valuable space while also being able to store as many books as they like.


A Single-Cup Coffee Maker

Young woman is making morning coffee in her kitchen. Young woman is making her morning coffee in her kitchen. She is wearing only a blue shirt. She is just waken Coffee Maker Stock Photo

As I said before, some graduates need their morning coffee, but they also need to save space. This makes a single-cup coffee maker the perfect gift; there is less to clean, less to store, and fewer steps in the coffee-making process.


A Succulent

Concrete pot cubic shape or geometric cement planter for cactus and succulent plants. Green, red and pink succulent plants and green cactus in modern geometric concrete planters on white wood shelf isolated on white background with copy space. Cement pots, cubic shape. Succulent Plant Stock Photo

For many people, a sign of adulthood and/or independence is having a plant. However, graduates’ busy lives can mean that plant maintenance falls by the wayside. Why not get them a succulent? In addition to being easy, low-maintenance plants, and succulents improve air quality, improve your concentration, and reduce stress.


A Hand-Held Steamer

Portable home and travel garment steamer for clothes. Housework Portable home and travel garment steamer for clothes. Housework Clothing Stock Photo

Being a new graduate with little space means that you must pick and choose what you store in that space; things like ironing boards often fall by the wayside. But what if there was a smaller option? Instead of an ironing board, gift someone a handheld clothing steamer! This convenient device steams wrinkles out of fabrics and kills germs while saving on energy.

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