7 Type of Rest

Have you ever had the feeling that you couldn’t keep up with your daily obligations and due dates? Maintaining your health, your career, and other obligations while dealing with uncertainty or overwhelming periods is much harder, leaving you with little to no time for relaxation. So here are seven different sorts of self-care that we need.


  • Physical Rest

Passive Physical Rest napping in the afternoon, sleeping in if the body desires it, or simply vegging out.

Walking at a comfortable speed, stretching, massage treatment, etc. are examples of active physical rest. a leisurely workout that boosts circulation.


  • Mental Rest

It might take the form of quick pauses throughout work, journaling from the moment, or a brief period of meditation before or after work. If at all possible, venture outside. Let go of perfection, which may put a lot of mental burden on you.


  • Sensory Rest

Put your eyes closed and avoid the lights. In order to drown out the noise, find a quiet area or put on some headphones. Don’t be afraid to leave for a little while. Avoid overpowering sensory cues whenever you can.


  • Creative Rest

Nature may help us regain our sense of wonder and generate new insights and clarity. alternatively use this weekend to transform your workplace into a creative zone. Use images of places you like, incorporate your preferred colors, etc.


  • Emotional Rest

Spend time with someone you can be yourself with, or a group of people who are supportive of what you need, in order to relax emotionally. Try to go to a place (a new sports team, a gym, a church, a yoga class, etc.) where no one knows you and just be yourself. alternatively try writing down every emotion in a diary.


  • Social rest 

Reconnect with old buddies (in person or virtually). either you’re actively involved or you’re spending time by yourself to unwind from people in general. Do what suits you, and then relax.


  • Spiritual rest 

Dive into something that is more significant to you. Including prayer, meditation, or quiet time will probably encourage community engagement since you’ll want to share with other people who share your beliefs. When it infuses your life with both enthusiasm and tranquility, it will seem right.

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