6 Tips to Prevent Job Burnout

Are you feeling stressed and demotivated because of your work? Then, you’re probably going through job burnout.

If you’re always at a state of both physical and mental exhaustion because of work and feel like you’re not really achieving anything – those are signs that you’re experiencing stress because of your work.

Here are some tips to help with your burnout!

1. Change of environment

It helps to have a change of scenery by working in a new environment than your usual working spot. Try working in a café or a new spot in your house as the change will give you better energy.

2. Have enough sleep

Having a minimal 8 hours of sleep will definitely make you feel fresher and give you a better start to the day with a clearer mind and less fatigue.

3. Finish your work on time

By practicing time management, finishing your work on time will give you the sense of accomplishment and you don’t need to worry about finishing your work outside of work hours.

4. Have enough me time

Spend time on taking care of yourself by doing mindful activities such as yoga, exercising, watching your favorite TV series, or pampering yourself at the spa to recharge yourself.

5. Get enough support

Talk to your loved ones about your problems as bottling up your emotions will make you mentally exhausted.

6. Take a break

If you’re really feeling the burnout, use your sick days or ask your supervisor or boss to take a temporary leave to focus more on yourself and to rethink your goals.

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