6 Tips for Self-Love and Calming Anxiety

Self-love may bring up thoughts of tree-hugging hipsters or tacky ego books in the minds of many people. However, as several psychological studies have shown, self-love and -compassion are essential for mental health and well-being, preventing depression and anxiety.


Don’t worry about others’ opinions

The most important opinion that you need to worry about is your own; if you can deal with yourself, you can deal with whatever others might think about you.


Allow yourself to make mistakes

You can’t do everything perfectly, so don’t even try. Allowing yourself to make mistakes lets you learn from those mistakes and therefore learn better ways for doing things.


Make a list of your accomplishments

Whether it’s daily, weekly, or over a longer time, make a list of what you have accomplished, no matter how big an achievement or small. Being proud of yourself keeps you in a positive mindset and gives you the drive to move forward.


Accept your anxiety

Anxiety is something that a lot of us have to live with, and oftentimes, trying to avoid the fact that we have anxiety will often make it worse. So accept that you are going to be anxious, and instead of worrying about it, learn how to deal with it in your everyday life so you can keep going.


The 54321 rule

Name five things that you see, 4 that you feel, 3 that you can hear, 2 that you can smell, 1 that you can taste. This will help you center yourself and help you focus on what’s important moving forward.


Get some fresh air and walk it off

More than ever over the past two years, people have been stuck inside; for example, between 27 January and 18 February, I was kept inside not only by the effect of pandemic restrictions but also by a trucker protest in my city’s downtown. Being able to go out for my morning coffee without having aggressive protestors or constant horn-honking has been such a relief. Go outside and listen to the sounds of the world around you; I guarantee that you will find an enjoyable piece.




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