6 Gifts to Rule Them All

Happy Tolkien Reading Day!


March 25th is known as Tolkien Reading Day, because in the Middle Earth legendarium, March 25th is the day that the One Ring was destroyed and Sauron was defeated. As an avid Tolkien fan, I often wonder about things like, what sorts of things are out there for people who want to celebrate their love of Middle-Earth?


So I went and found some.


Lord of the Rings Silhouette Bookends

Lord Of The Rings Silhouette Bookends

These bookends are the perfect addition to your home library! With Gandalf leading in front and the rest of the Fellowship following behind, they are the perfect companions for any literary journey.


Lord of the Rings The One Ring Fire Pit

This Lord Of The Rings Fire Pit Is One Pit To Rule Them All

Use this firepit to liven up any geeky event and make a relaxed situation ominous. The lettering on the side of the pit is only visible when a fire is burning.


Lord of the Rings Fridge Magnet (Plastic)- Hobbit Feet

Hobbit feet are hardy and strong- like the hobbits of Tolkien’s works trusted their feet to carry them throughout Middle Earth, so should you trust them to hold fast to your fridge.


Lord of the Rings Gwaihir and Gandalf Funko Pop

Okay, this is seriously cool. One would think that this would be one of the harder moments/scenes from the movies to properly recreate, but somehow Funko Pop has managed to do it.


Lord of the Rings Prancing Pony Stein Glass

This is the perfect tribute to the inn and tavern that got the stories going in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Get this stein and feel like Pippin every time you have a pint.


The Periodic Table of Middle Earth

The Periodic Table of Middle Earth

Hang this uniquely geeky character guide on your wall and keep track of all of Middle-Earth’s major players. Extra highlights to this are elements such as the small gold circles indicating ring-bearers.

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