50 A321 NEO Aircraft Of QATAR AIRWAYS Has Been Cancel By Airbus, What Happened?

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Airbus canceled 50 orders worth billions of dollars from Qatar Airways. This is because of the dispute over the ban on aircraft flight A350.


Qatar Airways is known to have led nearly half of the 53 A350 aircraft fleets because of the surface degradation of the aircraft. The airline has brought the dispute to the High Court in London and stopped receiving further shipping from wide-bodied aircraft from European companies until the problem was resolved.


Airbus spokesman told AFP that aircraft makers had ended the contract with Qatar Airways for 50 a321neo single hallway aircraft. Usually, the airline cancels the order when they no longer need it or cannot afford it.


Mentioned, orders are worth more than the US $ 6 billion even though airlines are usually subject to lower fees for large quantities. Meanwhile, the two companies will hold the first trial in court on Thursday.


Qatar Airways demanded the US $ 618 million as compensation, plus more than US $ 4 million per day for each A350 aircraft left unmounted.


Airbus said, his party canceled the order of A321neo because Qatar Airways failed to fulfill its contractual obligations by refusing to receive the delivery of A350 aircraft.


Airbus acknowledged the degradation of paint in the body of the plane that could expose the plane’s protective metal net from the lightning strike. However, according to Airbus, it does not cause air security problems.


The aerospace giant said the European Flight Safety Agency (EASA) confirmed his findings that the problem related to paint did not impact airworthiness in the A350 fleet.


The dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways erupted in August last year when Qatar Airways announced that the country’s flight regulator ordered a ban on 13 A350 aircraft due to the problem of the aircraft. As for now, there are 21 aircraft sitting on the runway.


Airbus should send 23 A350 aircraft again to the airline, but Qatar Airways refused to accept it since last summer. Other airlines have found paint problems similar to Airbus A350 aircraft, but planes from Qatar Airways are the only ones that are prohibited from flying.


Airbus said last month that his party was ready to find an independent arbitration to resolve the dispute.


“This customer’s efforts, to misinterpret this particular topic, as a matter of air feasibility is a threat to the international protocol on safety issues,” said Airbus, quoted by AFP on Friday (21/01/2022).

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