5 Types of Nurses You Might Encounter

Happy World Health Day!


World Health Day occurs every year on April 7th; historically, the day has had a different theme each year. This years’ theme is an appreciation for nurses. There are many different types of nurses, and they all have a particular role to play; these are just some of those types.


Ambulatory Care Nurses

Woman in Medical Frontliner Uniform

Ambulatory care nurses work in outpatient settings alongside other healthcare professionals, addressing things like acute and chronic illnesses, disabilities, and end-of-life needs. They need to be effective at assessing patients as well as communicating and collaborating.


Burn Care Nurses

Photo of Person Wearing Surgical Mask

Burn care nurses specialize in providing care to patients with burn injuries; their duties include wound care, trauma assessment, and critical care support. They work in settings like trauma centers, and also intensive and burn care units.


Domestic Violence Nurse

People Wearing Face Mask For Protection

Domestic violence nurses need compassion, attention to detail, and more. They work in multiple settings with victims of domestic violence, helping them heal from their wounds.


Flight Nurse

Red and Black Helicopter Flying in the Sky

Flight nurses provide care to patients being transported by helicopter or by plane; they work in emergency settings with other medical professionals to ensure patients receive proper care. Flight nurses need to be able to work autonomously and stay calm in chaotic situations.


Holistic Nurse

Free Woman Holding Two Clear Bottles with Medicines Stock Photo

The word “holistic” means “healing the whole person.” Holistic nurses work in multiple settings to shift treatment from treating disease to promoting wellness, incorporating complementary treatments such as biofeedback, reiki, reflexology, and massage into their care regimens.

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