5 Tiktok Famous Dishes

Everybody’s on TikTok, even if some people aren’t, they probably watch TikTok videos on other platforms. When you go to the food side of TikTok or we can say, Foodtok, these snacks are everywhere.

  1. Salmon Rice Bowl

Emily Mariko, a lifestyle blogger and TikTok creator, has created a simple dish to spruce up leftover salmon. To make it a whole meal, microwave shredded salmon and rice, then top with soy sauce, sriracha, Kewpie mayo, avocado slices, kimchi, and seaweed snacks. Before pressing start on the microwave, don’t forget to add a block of ice on top and cover it with parchment paper (the reusable type is recommended).

  1. Cloud Bread

I’m sure you’ve seen TikTok creator @linqanaaa’s cloud bread phenomenon, and maybe you’ve even made it in your own home. TikTok’s viral cloud bread recipe is a fluffy creation in its own light. You can whip up this multicolored bread in about 25 minutes with only three ingredients. Please don’t mistake it for the keto cloud bread, though.

  1. Sriracha Pickled Garlic

Try this pickled garlic if you don’t have any kimchi on hand. The Tiktoker @Lalaleluu, made this snack because she moved away from her Korean neighbor, who routinely gifted her with handmade kimchi. You only need to buy a jar of pickled garlic for the fast route, drain it, and add sriracha chili sauce, chili flakes, and thyme.

  1. Nature’s Cereal

While Lizzo may have popularized the refreshing dessert, it was TikToker Sherwayne Mears (@natures food) who created it. Nature’s cereal is the most energizing of the bunch. It’s a dish of a variety of fruit with coconut water and ice on top.

  1. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is also known as whipped coffee. It was an immediate hit because it’s made with only three basic ingredients and also because it’s creamy and delightful. This drink has become so widely known that there are numerous variations, such as whipped Nutella, matcha, and strawberry milk. Try one of these whipped coffee variants once you’ve mastered the basics.

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