5 Things Looked Forward To In Heartstopper Season 2


As Netflix has confirmed the new seasons of Heartstopper on Friday (20/05), here are the five things looked forward to by fans in Heartstopper Season 2.


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1) Nick & Charlie’s Relationship


In the last episode of season 1, Nick and Charlie made their relationship official, and Nick came out to his mother. It implied they would not be so subtle anymore about their relationship in public. The fans are eager to see how Nick and Charlie deal with their ‘public’ relationship, especially in school.



2) Tao & Elle’s Budding Romance


This pair of BFFs had their moment during the Sports Day in the Art Room. At that time, Tao just realized that his feeling for Elle had shifted to something more than friendship. A lot of hopes for this couple to grow in the second season.



3) Charlie’s Eating Disorder


People who read either the graphic novel or webcomics may already know that Charlie has an Eating Disorder. If you only watched the TV show, there were a few subtle hints about Charlie’s ED. Many are looking forward to this since eating disorders in males are still underrepresented in media.



4) Asexual Representation


The Heartstopper series had gotten a lot of praise for its positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community. While we already got the gay, lesbian, and transgender in season 1, the fans can’t wait for the asexual representation as Alice Oseman confirmed that Isaac is an asexual character. Oseman also tweeted that she had asexual plans if Heartstopper got a second season last year on Twitter.


Screenshot of Alice Oseman’s Tweet


5) Paris Trip

Lastly, the most anticipated is the Truham-Higgs joint summer trip to Paris. Who wouldn’t be excited about a school trip, right? Fans can’t wait to hear Kit Connor speaks French as Nick is fluent in French.


While waiting for further updates on Season 2 of Heartstopper, you can watch the first season on Netflix or read the graphic novels/webcomic.

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