5 Messed up Mangas to Read That Will Leave You Mortified

Today I have made a list of “5 Messed Up Mangas to Read” that will leave you mortified. I do need to warn you that the mangas I mentioned below are not suitable for people who do not like brutalities.


Junji Ito's Uzumaki is Getting a Creepy Coloring Book
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1. Uzumaki – Junji Ito

The manga follows Kirie Goshima, a high schooler, and her boyfriend Shuichi Saito in a town called Kurouzu-Cho. The town was cursed with unnatural things that involves spirals. The townsmen became obsessed and even terrified with spirals. After the death of Shuichi’s father, he began to have the ability to detect the locations of the cursed spirals. Unfortunately, Kirie was also affected by the curse which led her hair to spiral. We follow the journey of Shuichi to return back Kirie and the other townsmen.


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2. Glyceride – Junji Ito

The story is about Yui who lives on top of her family’s restaurant. The shop would often be covered with oil and grease and the air would always feel heavy due to the lack of air. Because of that, Yui would always count the “saturation level”. Currently, the saturation level is 50%. Goro, who has severe acne due to the air, puberty, and also his weird habit of drinking oil would abuse Yui and demand her to buy cans of oil. We follow the life of Yui as the saturation level increases.


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3. Kichikujima – Hokazono Masaya

“Kichikujima” or “Freak Island” is about a group of 6 friends who were going to a remote island in search of ruins. Takahisa caught a man wearing a suit who seems looking for help. Higashiyama then jumps out of the boat and reached the man. All of a sudden, Higashiyama was attacked by the man in a suit with a pig head. Right after that, they tried to escape the island but their boat sinks. They have no choice but to go to the island where the pig headman resides. However, it turns out that a family of psychopaths also resides there.


Homunculus Film Review: Bold in Performance, Sterile in Nature – OTAQUEST
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4. Homunculus – Yamamoto Hideo

We follow the life of Susumu Nakoshi, a middle-aged man who has a hole in his forehead that lets him see what is within of each person or what we call “Homunculus”. As days passes, he became obsessed with “returning” the homunculus back to their human form.

Prison Lab

Prison Lab Manga Ends in 10th Volume - News - Anime News Network
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5. Prison Lab – Kantetsu

Ayama Aito is a high school student who was a victim of bullying. One day, he was invited by a person named Kujima, to a game called “captivity game” with the prize of 10 million yen. The rules are simple: you can do anything you want to the victims that you have chosen for a month but you are not allowed to kill them and the victim should not know who you are. However, there are other people who participate in this game and fight each other for the prize. They will do anything for the prize, even if they need to kill one another.

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