On a normal day, in a time where there’s no raging pandemic, people go out every day. It could be for that hang out with friends, a date with a lover, a solo drink at the bar, shopping at the mall, a simple stroll in the neighborhood, service at church, or even daily office work. The bottom line is we have to leave the house to complete one engagement or the other.


Now, we go out into a world of different possibilities. Anything could happen at any time, which is why certain items are essential while leaving the comfort of your home. These items I will proceed to highlight below.


  • Credit/ debit cards: Cashless policy is the way to go. It is the new cool!. A day out isn’t complete without transactions being completed. You might just be walking down the road, and you’d see something that catches your fancy or an item you’ve been looking to buy for a long time with no success. It might even be your lucky day, and you’d see it at a discounted/ promo price!. These cards will come in handy in such times and situations.  Just a swipe of the card, and the said item is all yours!.
  • Identity Cards/Driver’s licenses: You might need to prove your identity at any hour of the day. Do well to always have your ID cards in your wallet to avoid a messy or embarrassing scene. Having your ID saves you the breath of having to explain who you are, and why you are where you are.
  • Money: You can not have cash on you, especially for those stores that still operate the only cash policy. Apart from this, there are a million and one other reasons you should not leave home without cash.
  • Health Insurance: This is necessary in case of a health emergency. Scenes where you have to be rushed to the hospital by total strangers.
  • Nose mask: The passing pandemic has required us to always be on the safe side by wearing nose masks. In fact, there are still some establishments that require you to wear a nose mask before you can enter.


Other items that are essential to go about with, but which might not necessarily be in a wallet include; a hand sanitizer for protection against germs/microorganisms, keys, and probably your phone.

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