5 Fortune Foods to Eat on New Year’s Eve

Only in a few days, the year will change to 2022. We all wish for the best next year and better than this year. We hope for many things in the upcoming year, such as health, wealth, and better life. But, did you know there are foods that bring fortune and are usually consumed on new year’s eve? Despite brings, fortune, may these foods give you some idea for what to eat on new year’s eve.

1. Noodles

Image source: The Jakarta Post

If you hope for long life, eat noodles in one slurp without cutting them. In Japan, the length of noodles symbolizes longevity. Why not eat noodles on new year’s eve? Noodle soup like ramen would suit the winter’s cold weather. Aside from bringing fortune, it warms your body too.

2. Cornbread

Image source: Inspired Taste

The origins of the Native American dish, Cornbread are made of cornmeal. This golden-colored bread was trusted to link with wealth. Cornbread is one of the staple food in the Southern United States, it will fill your energy up on new year’s eve nights.

3. Black-Eyed Peas

Image source: Delish

The black-eyed peas are enlarged when it’s cooked. Thus, these peas were believed to bring prosperity when you consume them for new year’s eve.

4. Root Vegetables

Image source: Kelsey Nixon

In Indian traditions, the plant’s root is symbolizing stability and balance. If you want to get a better life with financial stability, why don’t try to eat root vegetables? Add some potatoes, carrots, or beets for more fortune on new year’s eve.

5. Nuts

Image source: News Medical

Nuts are actually a healthy snack because of their low calories. Many cultures believed that a packet of nuts is representing a fresh start. It is also a good gift for your loved one on new year’s eve.

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