5 Examples of New Year Resolutions and Ways to Make It Happen

5 Examples of New Year Resolutions and Ways to Make It Happen

In the form of welcoming the new year 2022 with joy, you can plan the best resolution you want to achieve. So, what is the example of a new year resolution and how to make it happen?

You can be more enthusiastic about living a day by knowing every purpose you want to achieve by making a resolution. Then, what are the new year resolution examples that can be a recommendation for you? Find out here!

1. Get an ideal body

The resolution desired by everyone one is having an ideal and healthy body. To have a perfect body, you must routinely exercise and make a healthy diet.

You can write the resolution of having an ideal body by recording a routine that delivers the resolution to be achieved. For example, get an ideal body by exercising regularly 4 times every week with a duration of between 30-40 minutes and always consuming fruit and vegetables every day.

You can adjust the way of sports and diet according to self-capacity or can also request a doctor’s recommendation.

2. Have better sleep quality

For an employee who is often overtime, good sleep quality might be the right resolution for you. You can realize the resolution by forming a habit regularly. For example, avoid distractions at 9 o’clock at night, read books, and clean themselves before bed.

This habit will make you sleep faster and have a sleep quality that will be better. In addition, by having good quality sleep, you will undoubtedly avoid various across diseases that can endanger themselves.

3. Add a list of reading books

The following resolution is to add a list of reading books that are read in one year. For those of you who don’t like books too much, you can start by watching book reviews or listening to audiobooks that are available online.

After that, you can choose which book is suitable and want to read to add insight and knowledge.

4. Manage financial and investment learning

Having financial health is everyone’s desire. You can set aside savings money regularly and set it aside for investment according to the financial plan.

5. Learn foreign languages

Those of you who want to master foreign languages ​​as a new year resolution can start following language courses according to your interests. Take free time to learn languages ​​by reading, watching movies, listening to music or talking to other people using the language.

These are 5 examples of 2022 new year resolutions that can be your reference.

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