5 Characters You Need To Know About In Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game played by millions all over the world. It is the latest in a line of Animal Crossing games made by Nintendo. Before, we have looked at hidden gems and methods of earning Bells quickly.


Today, we will discuss five characters you may not know about who make important contributions to the game.


1) Wisp


Wisp is a friendly ghost who will sometimes appear on your island at night. You can find him on the cliffs, and if you address him he will startle and lose his spirit. If you gather his spirit pieces up and return them to him, he will gift you either something you don’t yet have or something expensive.

Be aware that Wisp isn’t always the best judge of ‘expensive items’, so you may end up with something only worth a few hundred Bells. A unique fact about Wisp is that though he is a spirit, he is afraid of ghosts!


2) Gullivarrr


You most likely know Gulliver, the clumsy sailor seagull that washes up on the shore every so often. But sometimes, you may encounter his Pirate counterpart, Gullivarrr! Gullivarrr is a pirate captain who is gruff at first but will warm up to you the more you engage with him.

His character has the same function as Gulliver, needing you to collect either communicator parts or the actual communicator itself so he can contact his crew to pick him up. If you successfully do this, he will send you a unique pirate-themed gift in the mail the next day.


3) Harriet


If you’ve been to Harv’s Island, you’ll have noticed the pink poodle who lives on the island alongside Harvey. At first, it seems as if she doesn’t speak with the player or have much of a function.

However, once you have started to (spoiler!) fund the co-op, Harriet will reveal her talent. As soon as a shop is officially funded and established, Harriet will offer you a mystery hairstyle for free. You can change the style back via a mirror if you don’t like what she does, but it is a good way to get new styles without spending Bells or Nook Miles.


4) Tortimer


Tortimer is an elderly tortoise who has appeared in other forms of the game. He doesn’t appear in New Horizons until the co-op is started and his pitch has been fully funded. He is friendly and may remind you of your grandfather with his mannerisms and speech.

His purpose in New Horizons is to provide you access to your home storage whilst you’re on Harv’s Island. Ordinarily, you would have to go home and go back if you wanted something from your storage, but now Tortimer allows you instant access to take items or store items if your pockets are full.


5) Katrina


Katrina is another co-op character. She is a ‘psychic’ and gives you a reading for 1000 Bells to predict your luck for the day. If your luck is predicted to be bad, she will offer a ‘purification service’. It costs a lot of Bells, but you will receive a unique item in the mail the next day if you purchase it.

She can also tell you how close your character is to the other villagers on your island. For example, if you ask for reading between you and a character you haven’t interacted with much, she can tell you if that villager is interested in developing a friendship with you or not.


Did you know about all of these characters? Do you have any more to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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