5 80s Films To Rewatch


The 1980s was a decade full of amazing music, vibrant fashion, and iconic movies. Whether you grew up watching 80s movies or not, chances are you’ll have seen some of the classics! If you haven’t, the upcoming bank holidays are a perfect time to watch them!



Big is a movie starring Tom Hanks, about a young boy who makes a wish to be taller. Unluckily, he words his wish wrong and wakes up the next morning as an adult. With only his best friend believing him, he has to try and navigate adult life as a thirteen-year-old. This movie is full of fun, naivety, and the nostalgia of being a kid.




Heathers is a classic movie everyone needs to watch at least once! Starring Winona Ryder as Veronica who is best friends with the three popular mean girls, all called Heather. When she and her new boyfriend accidentally kill Heather and then successfully stage her suicide, Veronica soon realizes her boyfriend isn’t who she thought he was. Wrapped up in a string of staged suicides, she needs to stop him before it’s too late and he kills her. 



Stand By Me

Stand By Me is one of the most popular, heartbreaking films of all time. It’s made even more heartbreaking by the late River Phoenix’s performance and tells the story of four fourteen-year-old boys trying to find a dead body. It’s full of humor, kids being kids, and watching four young boys try to deal with problems too old for them. Stand By Me will simultaneously warm your heart and shatter it.



The Breakfast Club

Not many people haven’t seen The Breakfast Club, but if you haven’t it’s a must-see! Five very different high schoolers end up in an all-day Saturday detention, and though they all start with different mindsets, they soon realize they have a lot in common. The Breakfast Club is similar to Stand By Me in the way it warms your heart but also shows teenagers dealing with problems they are too young to grasp.



When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is a romantic film different from your usual rom-com. Harry and Sally are two graduates who initially hate each other, but over the years bump into each other more and despite falling in love, they miss each other every time. If you enjoy slow-burn, realistic romance movies, When Harry Met Sally is perfect.

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