4 Tips: take care of your pierced ears.

Nowadays, many teenagers may want to try piercing their ears to look cool or for fashion purposes. However, everyone has to learn some essential information before you go have your ears pierced so that you can avoid an infected wound. More than that, you may have to prepare some medicine and learn some tips to clean your wound properly! And today’s article is going to tell you all about all of those important things! Let’s see.

1. Do not use alcohol to clean your wound.
Even if alcohol or hydrogen peroxide can clean the wound effectively it can increase the damage on the tissues that are still generating. So, if you do not want your wound to heal slowly, please use normal saline solution instead of rubbing alcohol.
2. Always avoid touching your ears! 

Normally, the fresh wound could be easily infected by bacteria or germs. And the wound from ear piercing is no different. So, please restrain yourself from touching your ears’ wound as much as possible even if you feel itchy.

3. Avoid washing your hair at least one or two days after ear piercing!

After you’ve already had your ears pierced, you have to wait for at least one day. Because if the fresh wound is exposed to the water right away, it can get some pus and heal slower.

4. Wash your ears with antibacterial soap.

By using the antibacterial soap, your wound will remain clean and it can also decrease the infection rate of the wound.

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