4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Buzzfeed Unsolved


Buzzfeed has churned out some good shows and relationships during their time, and BuzzFeed Unsolved is at the top of that list, which includes LadyLike, Worth It and Try Guys. Popular throughout their runtime as one of BuzzFeed’s biggest names, Unsolved featured two men with completely different views on ghosts and the supernatural as they covered cases about crime and hauntings.


There are 15 seasons to experience, split into True Crime, Supernatural, and short-lived Sports conspiracies.


1. Dynamic

Shane Madej is a skeptic who has no fear of ghosts, demons, or anything in between. Ryan Bergara on the other hand is afraid of his own shadow. With such different personalities, it makes for a fun watch, seeing them bounce off one another. The two men are great friends, and it shows, with their bickering and strong opinions a large part of why the show was so popular.


Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural Season 7 (Final Season) - October 15th 3PM PT | ResetEra


2. Interesting Cases

Most of the cases that the two paranormal investigators cover are bizarre and not exactly mainstream. With Bigfoot, Mothman, and Goatman three of the cryptids that received their own episodes.


???? the ghouligans ???? — lupinsremus: BUZZFEED UNSOLVED - but it's just...


3. On Location

There are two parts to their brand, the true crime side, and the supernatural side, and both of these were sometimes filmed on location. This is where the real fun begins, with the scares being bigger and the laughs louder. Some of the many places that they filmed include the Winchester Mansion, Bigfoots Forest, and the Lizzie Borden House.


Is it bad that I can hear him | Try guys, Unsolved, Bergara


4. Keeping it Real

Paranormal tv shows often veer into scripted ‘reality’. It’s a common theme in shows similar to this, but none of the Buzzfeed Unsolved episodes can be taken as definitive proof of the supernatural, no matter how much Ryan believes otherwise. Sometimes there might be something small that says otherwise, a word on the spirit box, but it is always clear that it is 100% real. The fear on Ryan’s face couldn’t be faked.


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Though Ryan and Shane have since left Buzzfeed, they, along with another Buzzfeed co-worker, Steven Lim from Worth It, have founded their own company, Watcher Entertainment.


All of their past Buzzfeed episodes are available on Youtube here, and their new projects with Watcher Entertainment are available here.

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