3 unknown Facts about raising a rabbit!

As one of the rabbit owners, today I’m going to talk about the three facts that people always misunderstand about raising a rabbit!

1. Do not feed the rabbit too many fruits!

Technically speaking, people always think that rabbits’ main food is fruits and vegetables. But, that’s not true at all! We should understand first that naturally, rabbits eat hays like Alfalfa hay or Timothy hays not the fruits at all. Even though rabbits’ digestive systems can digest fruits and vegetables, if we feed them too much, it can cause explosive diarrhea. As a result, you will need to pay expensive medical bills.

Image source: Pinterest

2. Must not hold the rabbit’s ear! 

In the ancient era, the huntsman always held a rabbit by its ears instead of carrying it with their arms. And this later becomes a big misunderstanding that makes people believe that it’s alright to hold a rabbit’s ears like that. However, in fact, rabbits’ ears are quite sensitive and have many blood veins. So, if you’re not careful enough, you can hurt your pet and the blood vessel could be damaged even if you only hold its ears lightly. This is why people should fix this misunderstanding and be careful whenever they carry a rabbit! Because they are literally fragile animals.

3. Rabbit can not swim! 

Even though there are many wild rabbits that can swim across a small river or swamp, in fact, those rabbits that come from rabbit farms or pet shops are different. Not only they can’t swim like other wild rabbits but the owners also shouldn’t bathe their rabbits too often! During the bathing process, if you’re not careful enough, it can cause lung diseases for them.

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