3 Tips: Decrease your acne by doing this!

As of today, I’m going to tell you about how to reduce the acne that appears on your skin constantly. It is really hard to treat the scars even though the acne has already disappeared. So, let’s try preventing it from the very beginning!

First of all, at least please change your bed sheet every week!

You should know first that if you rarely change your bedsheet; and sleep on them. Despite it being dirty and having bacteria, will surely affect your skin. Because those bacteria can cause your skin to be irritated and acne could appear after that. So, my only tip is to change the bedsheet and maintain the cleanliness as much as possible. In this state, even though the acne will not disappear immediately, but in a long period of time, it will decrease.

Secondly, observe your skin and use skin care that suits your condition. 

As people’s skin tends to be different, you may have to observe what kind of skin you have before buying any skin care. For example, there are three types of skin such as oily skin, dry skin and combined skin. If you have oily skin and use a cleansing foam that is only made for dry skin, your face can somehow be oily for the entire day and this won’t prevent you from having acne even if you use the acne cleansing foam.

Thirdly, refrain yourself from touching your face! 

Even if you feel itchy, the more you touch and scratch your face, the more irritated it would be. And I would appreciate it if my tips can help you decrease acne and prevent it from happening.

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