3 Roblox Games That You Have to Try Out with Friends!

Roblox is an online game where players play games that are made by other developers and made by other users.


Roblox is getting increasing popularity as Roblox avatars are customizable and developers – even kids – can monetize their games and earn money.


You can easily play with friends on the same server and explore hundreds of different games with unique experiences and genres.


Here are 3 games that you should definitely try out!


Combat Warriors

Combat Warriors is a free-for-all fight game where you combat other players in a PVP and earn XP and Credits by killing or assisting other players.


As the nature of the game is grindy, players must unlock every weapon as a prerequisite before purchasing the next weapon with Credits.


For instance, players will start with a free baton that they can use against other players to unlock the next weapon, and must purchase that weapon to unlock the next one as you cannot skip weapons.


Players can go on the offense by charging at other players or even go on the defense by parrying the attacks, which leaves your opponent in a daze – leaving an opportunity for attack.


Or, stay low in the shadows by using a long-ranged weapon, like a bow-and-arrow, or throw grenades or Molotov’s from afar at unsuspecting opponents.


Team up with your friends or go solo in the free-for-all!


Play here!


Expedition Antarctica

Embark on a dangerous and freezing journey across Antarctica to reach the South Pole!


Go solo or at a party with friends to traverse the slippery icebergs and go to the summit of the highest Antarctic Mountain.


The trek from the beginning to the end involves difficult parkour that you must conquer. From Base Camp 1 to Base Camp 3, you only have 3 lives on this journey.


If you take a slip and fall until 0 lives, you have to restart the journey from Base Camp 1. Don’t forget to refill your water and energy snacks!

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The Mimic

If you’re feeling a bit more daring, The Mimic is the perfect Roblox horror game to test you and your friend’s wits.


The Mimic already has four chapters based on Japanese Urban Folk legends, such as yokai and yurei.


The new chapter, Book 2: Chapter 1 is a brand new story and new gameplay that will leave you terrified as you hide in the bushes from gigantic snake-like beings and get chased by snake ladies in complex mazes.


The difficulty level will leave you frustrated and scared at the same time!

Play here!

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