3 Regional Weird Foods in Thailand!

  1. Dancing Shrimp

In Thailand, people can also call it « Goong Tèn ». My suggestion is that you have to eat it while the shrimps are still alive! You will surely get an indescribable feeling. The texture and feelings that would be hard to forget when those shrimps jump around your mouth are worth trying! The price is also very cheap. It only cost around a dollar per dish. 

  1. Fried insects 

Little did everyone know that even Thai people mostly have never tried those fried insects before! Because of its weird looks and unique smells, people would never want to try them. However,in fact, the taste is quite delicious despite how it looks. So, if you go to Thailand, I would recommend you to try once! It is not a bad idea to try something new right? Moreover, it is also normal to have those fried insects as a side dish, especially in the northeast area. The price is like the first dish mentioned above, very cheap. You can easily buy it at any marketplace or even in a big supermarket. 

  1. Red ant eggs. 

We can also called it « Pad Kai Mod Daeng ». This dish may seem weird because it is made of red ant eggs but, in Thailand, it is one of the most well-known regional dishes. I tried it once when I was young. In my opinion, the taste is not too bad. It has a texture like salmon eggs which are put on sushi but a little bit dry.

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