3 out of 5 SEVENTEEN ‘Face the Sun’ Concepts Are Revealed!


For Carats, it’s almost comeback week for SEVENTEEN’s new 4th Album Face the Sun on May 27, 2022! So far all three concepts for the Face the Sun comeback have been released.

Face the Sun has a total of five concepts including ep.1 Control, ep.2 Shadow, ep.3 Ray, ep.4 Path, and ep.5 Pioneer – including a Carat version.


Ep.1 Control



The first concept released on May 10 featured a dark and authoritarian concept, with the 13 members wearing the same black uniform similar to uniforms worn by first order generals in the movie Star Wars. The concept of the setting also gives a gloomy and imposing vibe, with grey concrete and stairs.


The members are all lined up in 4 rows, with black mannequins wearing the same uniform interspersed behind and next to the members. They’re also wearing a belt with the roman numerals “XIII III I XVII”, indicating the meaning of SEVENTEEN, which is the sum of 13 members + 3 units + 1 whole = 17.


Ep. 2 Shadow



The second concept released on May 11 shows the aftermaths of the first concept, showing members escaping from the concrete room. Despite the members pursuing freedom, it still shows a dark atmosphere with the members finding their way inside a concrete maze.


Free from their stiff uniforms, they’re wearing different long-sleeved black and white outfits with belts and zippers that imitates a stray jacket. Although their white clothes symbolize freedom, their black clothes still reveal the dark past that still haunts them, along with the ropes and chains.


Ep. 3 Ray



Released on May 12, the third concept finally shows the members freed from the shackles of their past. SEVENTEEN finally faces the sun with warmer tones of orange instead of the cold and brooding grey. They’re shown to be outside in a deserted place, with each of the members lighting up matches and candles.


Some members are even burning flowers alight in flames – with Wonwoo burning the outfit worn in ep.1.

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