3 Main Benefits of Marketing on Social Media

Why is social media essential in marketing?

3 Main Benefits of Marketing on Social Media
Social Media Marketing. (source: Native Theory Digital)

You may say, business is growing faster nowadays than earlier. And it’s not a secret anymore that social media helps any business grow. Even some entrepreneurs start their business on their personal accounts of any social media platforms. As everybody uses social media, it also pulls older brands to flow with the era. Famous brands now have their own social media on many platforms. Because there are some benefits of marketing on social media.

It happens because of concrete reasons. First, the social media of any platform has numerous active users. The amount of social media users at this moment is almost equal to half the population of the world. Secondly, people spend almost 3 hours on social media every day. They can stay even longer if you may have outstanding content for them. Lastly, 90% of consumers trust a brand that has active social media. In other words, they regularly update their social media from time to time.

For those reasons above, social media is a must tool for your brand marketing. Through social media marketing, you will obtain benefits as well. There are various benefits, but here are 3 main benefits of marketing on social media.

Reach numerous consumers

3 Main Benefits of Marketing on Social Media
Reach numerous consumers with social media. (source: Campaign)

Reflecting on the first reason, the chance to reach more consumers on social media is inevitable. You can try ads featured on any social media platform and open the opportunity to reach consumers everywhere. At least, the user knows that your brand exists. You can hit the jackpot if your brand is shared by people, your brand will expand in no time. On the other hand, the owner can talk directly with the consumers who need a fast response. So, you can understand what your consumers wish.

Saving cost and time

3 Main Benefits of Marketing on Social Media
Social media marketing saves costs. (source: TranslateMedia)

Making ads on social media platforms is cheaper than manual advertising. It is beginner-friendly. That’s why you often hear that people start their business on social media. If you still have no budget for making ads on social media, you can start by sharing your brand on your personal account or share it with your family, friends, or co-workers. Regularly updating your brands on social media could increase your traffic so your brand can be found by anyone. It is cheaper and faster advertising.

Boost brand loyalty

3 Main Benefits of Marketing on Social Media
Boost your brand loyalty with social media. (source: Socialbakers)

As the third reason said, 90% of consumers trust a brand that has active social media. Updating your brand regularly on social media could attract consumers to interact with you. When you respond to them, they will believe that your brand cares for its consumers. The brand listens to the consumers’ desires and receives any suggestions from the consumers. You can comfort your consumers through direct interaction on social media. Service is still number one although you are branding virtually.

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