3 Indonesian Food That Are More Expensive in America

Indonesia has various culinary delights in which not many people know that they have a fantastic selling value in America. The cost of living abroad is much more expensive than the cost of living in Indonesia. Plus, the limited ingredients and the knowledge of cooking a dish can be expensive abroad.

Here are some food in Indonesia that are very expensive abroad:

  1. Bakso
Image Credit: bakso-mm-monggo-mriki.business.site

Bakso, a famous local delicacy, is usually made of ground beef and tapioca flour. There is also a bakso made of chicken, fish, or shrimp. In Indonesia, you can easily find bakso along the roads, either from carts or restaurants. The price of bakso also varies, starting from 10,000 rupiahs. However, in America, bakso can cost you around 12 dollars or around 170,000 rupiahs.

  1. Tempe
Image Credit: www.masakapahariini.com

Tempe, a native of Indonesia, is a fermented soybean that has high nutritional value. Tempe can be found easily from markets to supermarkets in Indonesia. The price of tempe can also be considered as cheap which is 16,000 rupiahs per kilo. On the other hand, in America, tempe is known as a luxury food where the price can reach up to 5 dollars or around 70,000 rupiahs.

  1. Gado-Gado
Image Credit: www.visitsoutheastasia.travel

Gado-gado refers to mixed vegetables that usually come with sliced eggs and peanut sauce (or ground peanut sauce). Mashed potatoes are also added in order to mix with the peanut sauce. After the potatoes are cooked together with the peanut sauce, fried onions are sprinkled on top. The price of gado-gado in Indonesia usually ranges from 10,000 rupiahs to 15,000 rupiahs. However, in America, the price can reach up to 10 dollars or around 114,000 rupiahs.

Those are among the cheap culinary delights in Indonesia that are sold exorbitantly high abroad.

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