3 Frustrating Games You Should Try Out!


Frustrating games are like an addiction with very difficult gameplay and levels that get increasingly harder, but we can’t help but to put ourselves through the pain for that satisfaction that comes after clearing a level.


The love-hate relationship between you and the game makes for the intense fun while playing the game, so here are 3 frustrating games you should check out!


1. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Source: Bennet Foddy

Much like the name itself, you have to both physically and mentally get over a mountain with difficult obstacles, as well as get over the rage that you’ll slowly get when you play this game.


The controls are simple – using your mouse, you get to control a person inside a cauldron by using a hammer to climb up a mountain. The punishing course will make you grit your teeth, and before you know it you’re back at the beginning.


2. Stilt Fella

Source: September Games

Developed by September Games, this game leaves you with one simple but arduous task – make your Fella cross the finish line with stilts on.


However, you have to multi-task by using both your mouse and keyboard to control the stilts and keep your Fella balanced, as falling down means you have to restart.


3. Super Bunny Man

Source: Catobyte

This co-op platformer game developed by Catobyte allows you to share your rage with a friend as you have to work with your friend to complete the course as a pink and yellow human-like bunny.


Leave it all to skill to determine whether you both stay as friends or not after playing!

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