3 Action-Fantasy Manhwas That Are Worth Reading!


Manhwas, also known as South Korean comics are increasingly becoming more popular as time goes on. Manhwas are quite different than their Japanese counterpart – manga – as most manhwas are fully-colored compared to mangas which are usually in black and white.


Action and fantasy manhwas are especially on the rise, almost always ranking in the top 5 in comic websites such as Webtoon.


Here are 3 Action-Fantasy manhwas that you should read!

1. Solo Levelling

Solo Levelling by Chugong centers around Sung Jinwoo, the main protagonist of the series who struggles to survive as the weakest hunter. However, his life as an E-Rank hunter slowly came to an end as he becomes selected as a player from the “System”. This changes his life as he takes the opportunity and advantage to make himself stronger from the power offered by the “System” and becomes the world’s greatest Hunter.


2. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

The story written by Sing Shong follows Kim Dokja – an average office worker whose life changes as his favorite web novel ‘Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse’ becomes reality. As Dokja is only one of the few people who has finished the web novel, he uses the knowledge as an advantage to know the future and change the course of the story.


3. Tower of God

Tower of God by SIU centers around the main protagonist named Twenty-Fifth Bam who lives under the mysterious tower, away from society with his beloved friend Rachel. People who get summoned into the tower are promised to get their deepest desires granted, once they’ve reached the top. Rachel decides to venture into the tower to climb to the top, and Twenty-Fifth Bam vows to follow her through the mysterious tower.

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