2PM Chansung’s Marriage Announcement

Chansung, full name Hwang Chansung, is the youngest member of a South Korean boy group, 2PM. The group, which debuted in 2008 under JYP Entertainment with the single 10 Out of 10, originally had seven members. However, one member left due to controversy. 

After finishing their concert series 6Nights, 2PM had a temporary hiatus from 2018-2021 as the members were required to fulfill their mandatory military service. In June 2021, the group released their seventh studio album, Must, with a title track called Make It

Before making his career as a member of a boy group, Chansung had debuted first as an actor through a comedy series called Unstoppable High Kick in 2006. After debuting as 2PM’s member, Chansung also acted in several dramas. His recent work as an actor was a drama titled So I Married the Anti-fan, filmed in 2018 before Chansung began his military service. 

2PM Chansung announced his marriage plan with his girlfriend

On December 15th, 2021, Chansung posted a handwritten letter on his personal Instagram account. In his letter, Chansung announced that he is planning to marry his non-celebrity girlfriend in early 2022. He also revealed that he has been dating his girlfriend for a long time.

In addition, Chansung has been planning their marriage since his military service discharge in January 2021. However, the marriage plan is moved forward as his girlfriend is currently in the early stage of pregnancy.

Chansung, in the letter, also wrote that he would leave JYP Entertainment in January 2022 due to the expiration of his exclusive contract. He would still continue his career as 2PM’s youngest member and an actor.

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