2500 Chinese Citizens Abroad Are Picked Up By The Chinese Government


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Chinese authorities arrested more than 2,500 of their citizens overseas and brought them back to China. This ‘kidnapping’ is carried out to apprehend those suspected of committing a crime.


In a report published by the human rights group Safeguard Defenders, Chinese repatriations have reached more than 10,000 people since Beijing first launched operation Fox Hunt in 2014 followed by Sky Net in 2015.


At least, during the 2020 pandemic, around 1,421 people were repatriated to China. The number then increased to 1,114 in 2021.


It is known, thousands of arrested residents are those who are suspected of committing crimes, both economic crimes, and crimes related to official duties.


In December, the central commission for disciplinary inspection (CCDI) described the operation in 2021 as a successful operation. Because, the National Supervisory Commission, who was once Sky Net, expanded the arrest of the fugitives.


Not only in the economic and job fields, but they are also now suspected of committing crimes in the fields of politics, law and civilians become targeted targets.


Safeguard defenders believe, activists and ‘dissidents’, including Uyghur and Hong Kong people who are abroad, are also targeted.


This can be seen from the report of the Uyghur Human Rights Project in July 2021 which reported 395 cases of Uyghur citizens deported, extradited, or repatriated to China.


“Since XI Jinping in power, the Chinese government intensified the crackdown on civil society,” said Human Rights activist Teng Biao, as quoted by The Guardian on Thursday (1/20).


“They have targeted lawyers and dissidents, bloggers, journalists, Tibetans, Uyghur, Hong Kong, all in civil society,” he added.


In the statement of the human rights group, it was also explained that the Chinese forced pickup method began with the rejection of passport updates to the abuse of the Interpol Red Notice system.


Red Notice was carried out by China’s authority to issue an international command.


The method also includes prohibitions out of China, intimidating family members, and direct threats by Chinese agents operating in foreign countries.


80 cases of trial arrests in dozens of countries, including the US, Britain, and Australia were recorded in the report


Source detik.com


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