2024 Mercedes Benz EQE: The Teardrop-Shaped EV SUV With an AMG Variant

Sourced from Mercedes Benz


Mercedes adds another model to its EQ series, this time a bean-shaped SUV dubbed the EQE. With tons of customizability onboard, it also has a dedicated AMG variant, for some reason.


Sourced from Mercedes Benz


Starting off with the elephant in the room is the subscription-based features, which allow for quite a lot of customizability. These features can be unlocked via the car’s MBUX infotainment system, which allows for over-the-air transactions. We thought the memes of EA placing microtransactions in a car wouldn’t come close to reality, but here we are. From the Mercedes Me store, drivers can add more to their infotainment system with stuff like mini games, animations indicating your current action, ambient sounds, and more. It doesn’t sound so bad when it’s just small extras behind a paywall, and we hope it’ll stay that way. A 12.3-inch instrument cluster and 12.8-inch touchscreen spans over the dashboard, creating the illusion that the entirety of the car is made of screens. Blue Light galore!




The EQE has three trims to choose from: 350+, 350 4Matic, and the 500 4Matic. At the lowest, you’ll find 288 horsepower and 417 lb-ft of torque, powered by a single electric motor in the rear. Quite a surprise, considering the likeliness of SUVs being front wheel drive. The 4Matic version essentially makes it all wheel drive with an electric motor on the front, increasing its torque to 564 lb-ft. At the top is the 500 4Matic, with dual motors making up for an AWD powertrain with 536 HP and 633 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 mph of the 350 takes 6.3 seconds, while the 4Matic takes a millisecond off. The 500 performs much better with 4.6 seconds. All trims are electronically limited at 209 km/h, and we assume you can’t take the limiter off; unless you’re an EV wizard of some kind. The estimated range is 550 kms, and 4Matic trims come equipped with an off-road mode, where the air-suspension raises 2 and a half centimeters off the ground. Of course, a roadgoing ‘SUV’ will surely need a mere tiptoeing to handle the dirt, which its owners will do everything to stay away from.


Sourced from Mercedes Benz



p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height: 1.38;margin-top: 0pt;margin-bottom: 0pt”>It’s difficult to understand why the EQ series have been teardrop-shaped (other than aerodynamics), but at least the newest entry is somewhat less awkward than the EQS. Subscription-based features are still limited to the little things, which we hope won’t extend to more crucial functions, like brakes. Speaking of which, the Germans have confirmed an AMG trim that isn’t just plaques and calipers. Because your (EV) SUV needs more performance you’ll never make use of.

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