2023 Ford GT Mk IV: Concept Car-Like, Track-Only 800 HP Limited Edition With a Selective Ownership Process


Remember the Ford GT LM? The limited editions with plaques made out of the crankshaft from the legitimate racecar? Ford has gone and made a wilder version of the current generation, and unlike the dozen of limited editions before, this is the actual send-off – a stunning one at that.




Details are scarce, but we do know that Ford has upped the displacement of the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6, and is gunning for 800 horsepower. Quite an upgrade over the regular 660, and it will be mated to a “proper racing gearbox,” according to Ford. There is no official confirmation as to what it is yet, but Road & Track reports it to be a sequential one – considering the use of those in various motorsports, it’s a possibility.

A Complete Revamp



Aside from the Spectraflame-like blue and the subtle livery, the suspension has Multimatic’s Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) and comes with Michelin’s Pilot Sport racing slicks on center-lock wheels, further solidifying its status as a track-only car. It’s hard to picture something of its caliber outside of Goodwood or a display area.



The carbon-fiber “longtail” body, which is also exclusive to the car, has received an extensive amount of aero parts, namely the large splitter and canards, the “dipping” side skirts, and the equally massive diffuser and wing. The hood also has small air inlets, and with hints of red on the four larger vents. The headlights have been reduced to two curving strips of white, with its seams blending well into the blue, making it seem as if the headlights are built into the body. Neat.



“But it’s only the second generation, why name it the Mk IV?” It calls back to their win in the 1967 Le Mans with the original GT40 J5 MKIV, a purely American victory by all means. As such, only 67 of the modern one will be hand-built in Markham, Ontario, in Multimatic’s facility. But that’s not all – only customers who have applied and approved of ownership by Ford can obtain it, and it costs a whopping $1.7 million.


The selection and delivery process starts next year, and you can tell that Ford wishes their latest send-off won’t go to those seeking to wreck it for clout; though we doubt anyone would waste a million dollars in one go for some internet fame and in the midst of an approaching recession. Chances are you won’t be seeing it much or at all, but we suppose these images will justify its exclusivity.



p dir=”ltr”>(Images sourced from Ford)

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