2023 BMW M2 Gets Drastic Changes With M Performance Parts


The latest controversial car from BMW is going to receive some M Performance bits. We know how little that narrows down, so it’s the M2. It won’t remove the square inlets of the bumpers, but it’s a nice change of looks. Well, in some places, at least.



Carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic (CFRP for short) is certainly the theme here; the front splitter, rear diffuser, front air intakes, side skirts, and the.. Bits behind the wheel arches. Whatever those are. All of those are made of said material. Even the mirror caps. The rear bumper has noticeable changes, with the rear bumper boxes bleeding out to the bottom. The M2 gets a roof spoiler and some stylish side decals, M Performance lettering on the side skirts, and an option between a simple lip spoiler or the bridge-shaped wing, which makes it look like a car straight out of Burnout. Lovely.


Weirded out by the angled, centered quad exhaust? Us too. Those are 8 kilos lighter than the ones in a regular M2, and will definitely affect how it sounds. The handling department gets an adjustable suspension, which allows for a lowering of 10mm. The forged wheels can be specced in black or bronze, though we reckon having it in the latter would produce a significant contrast. You could opt for normal looking quad pipes, but you might as well leave it be.



Inside, you get different knee pads, an M Performance armrest with red-and-blue stitching, and a special steering wheel. No kidding. It’s got a flatter bottom, thick Alcantara grips on both sides, and carbon fiber shift paddles. There’s sill plates made of the same material, and velour carpets. Smaller extras include a special antenna cover and an M Performance tow strap. Helpful for the flatbed, we suppose.




p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height: 1.38;margin-top: 0pt;margin-bottom: 0pt”>Its front-to-side profile is aggressive, in a good way. It almost takes away the awkward intake blocks up front. The aggressiveness continues on the rear, which, when paired with the bigger spoiler, reminds us of Toyota’s 86 with the aero kit. It’s undeniably attention-seeking, and it gets what it wants.

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